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We manage properties all over London and welcome new landlords to join our team and benefit from our hassle free management and RENT GUARANTEE SCHEME.

Tenants Introduction

  • Advise you on your property’s likely rental value
  • Compile full colour details for your property
  • Market it far and wide
  • Accompany prospective tenants for all viewings
  • Provide you with feedback

Once we have the tenants suited for this property, we will:

  • Compile and check references
  • Obtain proof of employment or funds
  • Carry out credit checks
  • Prepare the tenancy agreements and progress to the onset of your new tenancy
  • Landlords that are subject to Tenants Introduction only are required to pay an Administration fee for two weeks of the required rent to the agent. It is a one-off  fee which is charged when a tenant signs a contract to accept the tenancy.

Property Management

Property management is charged at 10% of the required rent on a monthly basis.

These charges include the following:

  • Tenancy Preparation Charge
  • Documentation & Referee checks for the tenants
  • Inventory preparation charge landlord copy
  • Marketing & advertisement
  • Property inspections
  • Rent collection service
  • Maintenance

Guaranteed Rent

In a nutshell ‘hassle free letting’. You will receive fixed monthly payments regardless of whether the property is ‘let’ or ‘vacant’ and even if the tenant stops paying. We offer a minimum 12 month contract during which we manage every aspect of the tenancy. There are absolutely no fees, commissions, or hidden extras to pay. The key difference between Guaranteed Rent and more traditional services is that it is a contractual agreement between us and you (the landlord) in which we, effectively, become your tenant. You will receive no invoices from us, as we will be taking care of queries ourselves.


This service includes the following:



  • Tenancy Preparation Charge
  • Documentation & Reference Checks for the tenants
  • Inventory Preparation Charge landlord copy
  • Marketing & Advertisement
  • Property Inspections
  • Check in & check out charges
  • Free Maintenance up to £50.00 – Excluding white goods, boiler & structural defects
  • Guaranteed Rent paid on fixed monthly basis
  • Free Evictions
  • Free Gas Certificate
  • EPC – To be provided by the landlord

As we carry out a strict policy to ensure that tenants are taking care of your property, we carry out inspections every week. If we find that your property is not being looked after, we will send in our professional team of cleaners to uphold your standards.